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Sex > from Carlos (50+male)7 answers
Ladies... has your man hit your G-Spot ? do you think you have one ?..
Guys... have you found your damsel's G-Spot, if not are you still on the quest?..
78%My Boyfriend found my SPOT
9%MY boyfriend didn't find my SPOT
6%I don't have a SPOT
0%She doesn't have spot.
6%Harder to find than the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Who Voted For What:by gender|by age group
everyone78% . . .
female79% . . .
="My Boyfriend..."
="MY boyfriend..."
="I don't..."
="She doesn't..."
="Harder to find..."
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from ScarlettO (40-somethingfemale)
Honestly, I have to file the G-spot in the same folder as aliens in Roswell, the Cardiff Giant, and Sasquatch...I know it's been "scientifically" proven to exist, but the scientific and medical minds made an awfully strong case for lobotomies back in the day, too. ..
That doesn't mean, however, that I would discourage anyone from the quest. Godspeed, and may the force be with you!..
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from stinkybichez (30-somethingfemale)
okay i'm pretty sure that the G-spot exists, and that i've had a G-spot orgasm...i don't really know how to describe its location, but when you tense your muscles a certain way and are in a certain position (you have to be humping for a while and try various positions-for me it's usually cowgirl style), i think the penis can rub against it...when it happened to me (not the guy's accomplishment- it was ME because i know my body and i knew how to position myself!), i had a squirting orgasm...it wasn't crazy like in porn when the girl is just spraying like a fire hose, but it was very slippery and wet, and the guy said he could feel it coming out...this only happened twice...the key is, whenever you feel like he's "hitting the spot," just keep yourself in that same position and tell him to KEEP DOING WHATEVER HE'S DOING and concentrate on tensing your muscles...it's great, but i dunno...that's just my experience...
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from anonymous
Yes, I have one, and yes, I've had guys find it...You just need to give them a little guidance ;)....
It's pretty easy for me to have an orgasm, though...Usually I can have one just from clitoral stimulation, and don't even have to have the guy go inside...But that doesn't mean they should get lazy...
Girls, if your guy can't find it, give them a little direction -- it's worth it...
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from Angie (50+female)
I'm the yin to your yang .....
You know it does and if you really wanted to help mankind you'd publish your map and methods on utube or maybe invent some gps gadget for your brothers ;-) ... ..
Guys, be the explorers you're anscestors were, google it if you have to ... but don't deny it exists because you haven't be able to place your finger on it lol...
Girls, if he loses patience looking for it, give him a break and wiggle around till he hits it ... and then tell him to not stop ... no matter how sore his arm gets hee hee..
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from Holly (40-somethingfemale)
I must say, my husband found my spot. I haven't squirted or had a g-spot orgasm but the play results in some very, very nice sensations for me. Plus, after some g-spot play and going back to stimulating my clit, things intensify tenfold. ..
We've had the most success with the "come hither" motion. I'm laying on my back. He inserts two fingers and holds his fingers upward, motioning come hither. The stronger he motions, the better. It seems like what he is doing might hurt me but it doesn't, it feels good. Once, after some intense g-spot play my husband commented that he wasn't sure why his arm seemed to be sore. I just laughed at him until he remembered. Oh, yeah, that's right...
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